04 November 2012 @ 02:56 pm
Apologies for writing this ridiculously late. I'm currently living abroad and my schedule is ridiculous and insane!

It's that time again!


So, Yuletide Author - here we are! I just want to start off by saying thank you so much for taking on my request, whichever one that may be. Just know that no matter what you write, I will appreciate it. And will, in all honesty, love it.

I also hope you enjoy writing this assignment; please remember to have fun with the story because that's important too!

I will probably get tl;dr about my requests, but I figure a little extra information couldn't hurt in case you're staring at the assignment with a blank look and a rising sense of anxiety. If you're feeling confident, just take this as some vague guideline-shaped monstrosity to get the ball rolling!

Romance and angst

Romance and angst are not requirements, but if it works, I do like a little of this, a little of that. I also generally prefer happy endings because at the end of the day, this is Yuletide season. (But don't force it if it doesn't work out that way!)

Characters staying in character + character/plot development

These two concepts are so important to me when reading a good story. I love to see an author take a pre-existing character and really bring out new facets of their personality that would make total sense in canon. It's kind of like filling in the bits that the original author did not see, didn't have the time to include, etc. I love character studies with a healthy dose of plot.

On pairings and ships

I am generally a het reader, and I'm one of those people who also willingly gravitates towards canon ships. I can't help it! However, that does not mean I am opposed to reading slash or femslash, but it's got to be convincing and it's got to have development like any relationship. In other words, I don't like slash for the sake of slash. I also really like exploring the threesome dynamic when it applies, but again - not simply for the sake of it. I do encourage things like well-written epic bromances and sisterhoods. Witty banter. Humour. Characters being challenged and put out of their element.

Adventure - plot, cont'd

I also love a bit of adventure in a story. Usually this stuff comes naturally in the plot development, but a good adventure running alongside the emotional bit (romance/angst/etc.) are good ingredients for a fantastic story. So roll with any number of these things (which I hope shouldn't be too hard) and you're guaranteed a seriously ecstatic me.

But every request has to have its dislikes, and I've got a few.

Sexual content and disturbing themes

I'm not too keen on explicit porn/smut. I prefer to leave things to the imagination for the most part anyway. Because of my love of plot development, I'm not terribly keen with concentrated schmoop, fluff and purple-prose either.

Disturbing themes - also not a fan. Again, judging by my fandoms, they are generally quite void of things like rape/noncon, molestation, incest, mpreg, etc. So, I don't need to see that in a Yuletide fic, please!


Bartimaeus - Jonathan Stroud
Nathaniel, Bartimaeus, Kitty Jones

I'd honestly be pleased with just about anything derived from this universe, so long as it stars the characters I've requested here. Particularly Nathaniel, whom I have a terrible soft spot for! If you choose to leave Kitty out of the story, I'm okay with this. But I'd really like a Nathaniel story with Bartimaeus in it. (Or vice versa.)

I'd be curious to see more from all of their earlier lives before the canonical events of the Bartimaeus Trilogy, but I would also be equally okay with stuff that happens in-canon or post-canon. It's totally up to you. So long as you keep in the spirit of the books, I will be so very pleased with anything you come up with, Author!

Casino Royale
James Bond, M, Vesper Lynd, Le Chiffre

This has got to be my favourite Bond movie - certainly of the new!Bond films. I don't have any particular requests for this one - just play around with the characters, insert some intrigue and some tension and I will be very pleased with this.

I'm something of a Bond/Vesper shipper - so anything with the two of them would be amazing.

I'd also love to read something that looks into what M thinks if you might be inspired by that route. I've included Le Chiffre in my list but it's not required that he be an active character in the story.

Lizzie Bennet Diaries
Lizzie, Jane, Charlotte, Bing Lee

This video series is amazing and I would just love to read a little thing exploring the characters' lives and their relationships with each other. Maybe a Lizzie-Jane sister scene, or a Lizzie-Charlotte BFF scene, or a Bing Lee and Lizzie having ridiculous and amazing and slightly awkward conversation over Jane's well-being, etc.

Just go to town with this one and have fun with it - I'm sure whatever you come up with will be awesome.

Midnight in Paris
Gil Pender, Gabrielle, Ernest Hemingway, Zelda Fitzgerald

Oh, Midnight in Paris. It's definitely one of my favourite Woody Allen movies. I want to read anything at all from this universe from any of the characters' POV's. You can also choose to write one or two of these characters but not all of them; I'm okay with this. not every one listed has to be included in the story if it doesn't work.

It's such a strange and open-ended and magical film; it's easy to take just about any direction and run with it.

So long as it remains in the spirit of the film, I'm pretty much okay with anything!

Thank you again, Yuletide Author, and have an awesome holiday season!

Happy writing,

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